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Doctor Wrapping Injured Feet - Podiatrist in Clearwater, FL
Foot & Ankle Specialists are committed to providing the utmost in podiatric medical care to children, adults, and seniors. We pride ourselves on maintaining a timely, professional and friendly environment.

We strive to deliver the highest quality foot and ankle care by keeping pace with the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies and procedures. This allows us to ensure all our patients receive the best podiatric treatments available. We empower patients and are dedicated to helping restore active lifestyles.


Podiatry is the branch of medicine that specializes in both diagnosing and treating all foot, ankle and leg disorders.
Pain in the Foot - Podiatric in Clearwater, FL
Pain in Ankle Bone - Podiatric in Clearwater, FL
Pain in Foot Heel  - Podiatric in Clearwater, FL
Using Laser on Nail Fungus - Dr. Lowrey in Clearwater, FL

Now Offering Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

We now offer the Cutera, and CoolTouch VariaBreeze lasers for the treatment of nail fungus. Historically, topical and oral medications have been the only options for the treatment of nail fungus, but laser treatment now offers a safer and more effective option in the treatment of onychomycosis (nail fungus).